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Not all ministries are active as we regather, and some new ones have been created as we seek to stay connected even when physically distant. See our Regathering FAQ.

Complete this form to indicate your interest in serving at Grace Church and someone will be in touch as ministry areas are re-introduced into our worship life.

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Setting the Table

There is a cultural nostalgia present for those who grew up accustomed to eating around the table together with their loved ones. Many of us experience a type of collective longing for something from years past that is reminiscent of a simpler time in our lives. I,...

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Ushers serve at both the 8:00am and 10:00am services each Sunday at Grace Church. If you’re interested in any of these roles, please contact:office@grace-episcopal.org unless otherwise noted.

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Grace Church uses lay readers to bring the word of God to the congregation by reading aloud the scriptures from the Bible. As prescribed by the Episcopal Edition of the Revised Common Lectionary, we read the assigned scriptures for that Sunday. The Revised Common...

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The lay eucharist visitor volunteers are trained to bring the eucharist to members who are unable to get to a Sunday service. This includes a time of sharing about the last worship service and time for connecting and listening. Here is the prayer we say during the...

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The lay eucharist minister assists the priest with the administration of communion. If you’re interested in any of these roles, please contact:office@grace-episcopal.org unless otherwise noted.

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On Sunday mornings we need people to greet parishioners and welcome visitors. It is the time to say, "We're glad you are here!" After the service, we encourage you to connect with the visitors and introduce them to other parishioners. If you’re interested in any of...

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The Grace Church Choir is a volunteer group that meets every Sunday morning one hour before the 10:00 a.m. service. (9:00a.m.) We prepare hymns ,service music and special music to be presented during the offertory part of our worship service. This choir is open to...

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The Altar Guild serves God and the people of Grace Church by keeping the altar a holy and inviting place for worship. Parishioners are needed each Saturday for setting up the altar and on Sunday after the service. The Altar Guild works in teams. We have a monthly...

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The use of acolytes in a worship service dates back to the early church nearly 2,000 years ago. While the official duties have evolved over time, the primary purpose of the acolyte has always been to serve the Altar and the Priests. For the most part, this service...

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