We, the members of the Vestry of Grace Episcopal Church of Saint Helena, are committed to using our time, energy, and skills to be effective and transparent leaders for our church and our community in order to do the work required to guide our congregation toward the future God has for us. To that end, together we covenant to live by the following principles.

  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Good Communication
  • Mutual Accountability
  • Growth and Learning

Spiritual Leadership

  • Grow toward becoming spiritual leaders of the church through a commitment to our Christian faith journey and the presence of Jesus in Word and Sacrament.
  • Keep Christ at the center of all we do.
  • Maintain our individual (daily) and collective (monthly) spiritual practice of Ignatian Examen and at least 5 minutes of silent centering prayer.

Good Communication

  • Build relationships in our church community by:
  • carefully and consistently listening to our congregation, staff, each other, and the wider community
  • providing encouragement and support when called for
  • responding thoughtfully to the needs of all we serve
  • taking responsibility for our actions
  • Be available for and open-minded toward all parishioners in order to enhance the partnership between the vestry and the congregation, to improve communication, understanding, and relationships.
  • Uphold and strive toward the Agreements for Communication in Community.

Mutual Accountability

  • Fulfill our obligations as set forth in the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church, the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, and the Grace Episcopal Church By-Laws.
  • Maintain our status individually as confirmed, active members in good standing.  Comply with and uphold all policies and procedures approved by the Vestry (e.g. Safeguarding requirements, anti-racism training, and alcohol policy.)
  • Be present at and prepared for meetings of the vestry and follow through on commitments made in the course of our vestry work.

Growth and Learning

  • Set aside time for formation at each meeting and individually seek out and share learning that will help us be the involved, forward thinking leaders that Grace Church and our many communities need to continue to thrive in the spirit of faith, hope, love, gratitude, and forgiveness that we hold dear.
  • Make decisions based on prayer and the best information we have available at the time, in the best interest of Grace Episcopal Church and the future we believe God is calling us toward.
  • Actively move our congregation forward toward our 3 strategic goals for 2019-2021: To Grow, To Be Good Stewards, and To Give Back.