It is Fall and usually by now you’ve been invited to our Stewardship campaign to make an annual pledge of your tithes and offerings to Grace Church! Historically, we built our budget from your gifts and relied upon your fulfillment of your pledges to operate year to year. But as we worked our way through the Pandemic and trusted God’s sustaining grace and provision for Grace Church, we asked many of you to stretch your 2020 giving into 2021. And you did!As we look ahead, we are deeply aware that uncertainties remain, so we are stepping out in faith to set our budget first and ask you to do two things:

● First, if you are a pledger, we are asking you to become an “evergreen giver”. That is, consider your pledges for the foreseeable future including increases you would like to give year over year and sign up to give that monthly or annually. You can go online to www.grace-episcopal.org/giving to set up your recurring pledge.
● Second, in January 2022 we are going to tell you the budget and ask you to give what you can to help us meet that budget! We will be direct as to the needs of the church and ask you to stretch your giving as you can to meet those needs.

As we move into the holiday months, many of us are planning our finances for 2022 and beyond. Be sure to include giving to God’s work through Grace Church and we will stand together in faith to watch all that God will do with our gifts ahead.

May God’s blessings abound!!

Diana Deen

Sustaining Grace Director