Dear Friends,

We hope this email finds you well! Napa County families have continued to experience great losses these past few years due to the pandemic, fires,and current inflation rates.

The holiday season is approaching rapidly, and we are excited to provide you with an opportunity to show your support and generosity to Napa County families in need.

Adopt a Family Ministry at Grace Episcopal Church in St. Helena, CA, has partnered with UpValley Family Centers, a 20-year non-profit organization providing support and resources to families in need.

UpValley Family Centers have 50 families who have struggled greatly with the current inflation rates. According to UpValley, families have difficulty staying current with the cost of living. As

rent, utilities, and food have increased for these families; it doesn’t mean their income has increased thus, many families have to get creative on making ends meet with the current cost of living. Many families have several jobs and have to choose between getting gifts for their children during these holidays or paying for rent, utilities, and food.

After months of hardship, these families need our support, and you can make a huge difference by signing up and adopting a family this holiday season. The family adoption process offers a few different ways to give based on your budget and

available time.

How it Works:

Based on your budget and the time available, we will match you with a family that is a fit with your support level. You will receive an email after signing up, providing you with personal information regarding your adopted family in need. This information will include the number of adults and the ages and genders of the children in the family, along with any special requests and a note from the family you have adopted.

There are three options for you to show your support, get involved, and spread the holiday joy:

  1. You give, and the Adopt a Family team creates and delivers a holiday basket for you.
  2. Customize and create your own holiday basket for the family you receive and drop it off at Grace Church, and the Adopt a Family team will see that it is delivered.
  3. Make a cash donation to the Adopt a Family program through the online giving platform Realm.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

If you have any questions, please email Daphne Steele at [email protected] or call Grace Episcopal Church at 707-963-4157