Baby Love thanks Dr. Justin Newberry and Napa Valley Dentistry for their generous donation of over 1,000 tubes of toothpaste for Baby Love’s toiletry bags. Global Grins, a non-profit organization whose goal is to supply toothbrushes all over the world, is donating 300 toothbrushes for our toiletry bags. These toiletry bags are given to homeless or low-income expectant or post-delivery moms. Most of these moms deliver babies at home or in community hospitals that don’t have gift bags for new moms. 

These toiletry bags accompany the hats and blankets or quilts for the new babies. Edna Bell and Lavada Baily are sisters from Angwin who have been making quilts for our babies for 10+ years. Lavada started making baby quilts many years ago when she saw that some babies were being wrapped in their fathers’ jackets because they had no blankets. Thank you Edna and Lavada! Two of their quilts are shown here. 

Quilts by Edna Bell.
Quilts by Lavada Baily