We are keeping this simple for our community and want to tell you that nothing has changed in our policy We are all vulnerable to infection, and some of us are more vulnerable to significant, difficult illness. Let’s take good care of each other.

There is a surge. Cases in the Bay Area continue to rise every day. This variant is more infectious. We recommend upgrading your mask or double-masking in public, and even at home if someone in your household is sick. 

As a community that wants to gather for worship, we have taken these measures to keep each other safe when we are together:

  • Running HEPA filters 24/7 in our gathering spaces
  • Using ultraviolet light in the ventilation systems
  • Asking our ushers to help folks social distance inside
  • Providing masks and hand sanitizer at services and programs.

We are asking you to partner with us in making things as safe as possible for the highest good of all. 
Your best protection is still: full vaccination with a booster, a high quality mask or double mask, clean/sanitized hands and limited exposure to others.

Other Specifics Related to the Omicron Surge:
If you have your own N95 or KN95, please use it when you come to visit. If you don’t have either, we will be ask visitors to “double-mask” until the omicron surge declines. If you happen to have extra N95 or KN95 masks, and are willing to donate some to the church, we welcome those donations!

Our Regathering Task Force has decided to suspend coffee after services through the end of January and will reassess at the start of February.