On October 17th Fr. Anthony “Tony” Petrotta will join us as our guest preacher at worship and will lead us in a Community Forum on his book God at the Improv: Humor and the Holy in Scripture.

Fr. Tony’s bio: Tony attended church his whole life and covered pretty much all the denominations at one time or another. He also taught at small Christian colleges and eventually at Fuller Seminary in Northern California. While teaching there, Fr. Mac attended a class he was teaching and Fr. Mac soon offered him a position helping out with small groups. While chatting at the end of a day, Tony asked a seemingly innocuous question: “Fr. Mac, what does it take to be an Episcopal priest?” Fr. Mac replied, “I don’t know . . “ He picked up the phone and called Bishop Lamb. Soon after Tony was ordained, St. Francis Episcopal Church (Wilsonville, OR) called him to be their priest. Tony retired in 2018 to finish his book on humor in Scripture. Tony, Pam, and Moxie (a beloved cat) live in McMinnville, OR–the St. Helena of the Oregon Wine Country!

Praise for the Book: Ellen Davis (Duke Divinity School) says of Fr. Tony’s book, “This is serious scholarship of the most pleasurable kind, suitable for a wide audience of scholars, students and readers, both Jews and Christians.” You can grab a copy of Fr. Tony’s book HERE.