The Table Grace of St. Brigid of Kildare

I should like a great lake of finest ale

For the King of kings. 

I should like a table of the choicest food

For the family of heaven. 

Let the ale be made from the fruits of faith, 

And the food be forgiving love.

I should welcome the poor to my feast, 

For they are God’s children. 

I should welcome the sick to my feast, 

For they are God’s joy. 

Let the poor sit with Jesus at the highest place, 

And the sick dance with the angels.

God bless the poor, 

God bless the sick, 

And bless our human race. 

God bless our food, 

God bless our drink, 

All homes, O God, embrace. 

This is a prayer associated with Brigid, the abbess of an Irish monastery in the early 500s famous for its hospitality. As a girl, she gave away her household’s butter and bacon to hungry beggars and dogs, then miraculously replaced the food for her family. Later in life, she turned a wooden column into a living tree with one touch and hung her cloak on a sunbeam. Atta girl. After she founded a monastic community at Kildare and became its abbess, she traveled, preached, healed and converted many with her wisdom, gentleness, cleverness and general practicality.

In 1875, when her church in Kildare had fallen mostly to ruin, it was rebuilt by the Protestant Church of Ireland. Good job, team!

And speaking of team

Our annual St. Patrick’s Day dinner to support youth programming at Grace is 

this Saturday, March 16 from 5-8 pm! 

There will be live music, a cake walk, kids’ games, an Irish meal prepared by Mimi and David Katz and their part-time staff of leprechauns, as well as most excellent friends on hand. Tickets can be purchased here or at the door! If you can’t make it, you can purchase a to-go meal and pick it up Sunday after services or just make a donation. 

This year on St. Patrick’s Day , when you’re wearing the green (and the orange for the Protestants!) take a moment to whisper thanks to St. Brigid, the compassionate, sensible, native-born patron saint of Ireland.

See you on Saturday night everybody!!