3/24- Palm Sunday @ 8AM | Our normal 8AM service with Palms!  We will sing “All Glory Laud and Honor” (yes, 8 o’clockers can sing!) and conclude with the reading of the Passion to begin our walk through Holy Week. Rev. Amy preaching and Bishop Alan presiding.

3/24- Bilingual Family Celebration @ 10AM | We will once again welcome our Spanish-speaking congregation and place the children’s “little church” experience of the atrium upstairs in the center of “big church” for all to enjoy. This service begins in the Oak Street parking lot, with the blessing of palms and procession into the sanctuary. Rev. Amy will share the story of holy week using the raised surface map of Jerusalem from the atrium, and after communion we will conclude with the interactive reading of the Passion.  Bishop Alan and Rev. Amy presiding.

3/28- Maundy Thursday @ 6PM | Maundy Thursday Eucharist in the sanctuary with an opportunity to experience footwashing. Bishop Alan will preach and Rev. Amy preside. The service concludes with the stripping of the altar in preparation for Good Friday, and a chance for parishioners to “watch and pray” in the silent church with Jesus throughout the night.

3/29- Good Friday @ 11:30AM | The Stations of the Cross– a brief service walking to each of the 14 stations around the sanctuary that commemorate Jesus’ passion. Offered bilingually.

3/29- Good Friday Service @ 12PM |  A traditional noonday Good Friday Service with reading of the Passion Communion from the Reserved Sacrament.  Donna Scarfe will offer a liturgical dance entitled “Mary at the Foot of the Cross.”

3/29- Taizé Service around the labyrinth @ 7PM |  Simple chants in the style of the ecumenical community at Taizė, France, scripture reading, and the opportunity to walk the labyrinth.

3/30- Holy Saturday/The Great Vigil of Easter @ 7:30PM | Fire, incense, water, ancient chant, modern drama, darkness, light… historically the most important service of the Christian year, the Easter Vigil has it all! We team up with St. Mary’s for the Vigil and this year it is Grace’s turn to host.  The service will be fluidly bilingual and welcoming to families! Rev. Amy preaching; Rev. Robin, Bishop Alan, and the new priest Rev. Don Calison presiding.

3/31 Easter Sunday 

@ 8AM – Celebrate Easter in a slightly quieter way at 8 o’clock! Bishop Alan preaching; Rev. Amy presiding.

@ 10AM Easter morning in all its glory! Bishop Alan preaching; Rev. Amy presiding and offering a children’s sermon.@ 11:30AM – Children’s Easter Egg Hunt!