We’re thrilled to announce that Grace Church has been awarded a portion of the diocesan constable grant, totaling $15,000, to bring the Grace Good News Garden to life on our property this Pentecost season!!

Starting this weekend, we’ll be breaking ground to create sacred space for our new garden. Jacob Zuniga has generously offered to lend us the eco-chapel he crafted, inviting everyone to join us in prayer and bless the growth and transformation ahead.

Introducing the St. Enmegahboah Chapel, which will be featured in the Grace Good News Garden spot from May 19th to June 12th. Designed and built by Jacob, the chapel honors the legacy of St. Enmegahboah, an Ojibwe elder and the first Native American Episcopal priest. Constructed from native redwood, maple branches, and grapevine canes, it symbolizes unity between humanity and nature, offering a space for reflection and prayer amidst today’s divisions.

We’re embarking on a new chapter of stewardship and witness with this garden during the season of Pentecost, and we can’t wait to see you all at the Pentecost picnic to celebrate!