Update from Regathering Task Force

The Regathering Task force continues to meet bi-weekly, considering the ever-evolving situation and keeping abreast of changing national, state, local and denominational guidelines. For the time being, we are still masking and distancing at all indoor events as well as large, public outdoor events (like our upcoming celebratory services.) However, private 1-1 and small group meetings outdoors where all parties are vaccinated and feel comfortable doing so may be unmasked. Small groups may reserve space to meet on campus either in the Newton Room or the sanctuary by emailing Office Manager Sarah Neidhoffer. Please let Sarah know if you plan to use an outdoor space as well, some regular events are scheduled outdoors. To hear more about planning, watch the Regathering Task Force Sunday Forum here!

Regathering Update from Diane Leblanc:

I have been very impressed with the guidance of the Re-Gathering Committee of Grace as we have navigated the past 18 months. The overarching theme has been to act with love and in good faith, with guidance from the state, county, and diocese; following the science and our best collective common sense. AND respecting that each person must function in ways that make them feel comfortable and safe.
So here we are in the “going home” phase- each one hoping to return to our blessed sanctuary worship and community of friends. Most of us have chosen to be vaccinated, yet still honoring the mask and distancing mandates.
There is still so much to navigate on behalf of the well-being of all of us. So I encourage each of us to follow the recommendations and guidelines of the diocese, our clergy, and planning teams, as we gently and thoughtfully move toward our new normal.
And if masks and distancing and elbow-bumps-instead-of-hugs are more than we can bear anymore- just remember that for all this time you didn’t have to get that nose job, or buy new lipstick, or get that teeth cleaning!
I am willing to wait a little bit longer.


Diane Hambrick (MD) Leblanc