With the surge of infections as the omicron variant spreads, we are now asking that people use KN95 or N95 masks when worshiping at Grace or coming to campus for other reasons. Additionally, we recommend that we:

  • Assume any “viral symptoms” are omicron and be extra vigilant with your protective measures
  • Vaccinate, boost or get tested for covid-19 (if a test can be found!)
  • Continue to sanitize hands frequently
  • Distance based on households while at Grace
  • Hum/sing quietly during worship indoors
  • Continue to follow ushers’ instructions to receive communion when at in-person worship services.
  • Please do not come to in-person worship if you have been exposed to the virus or you feel sick! Our online worship services are always available to you should you want to pray with and for us in this new year.