Our regathering task force has gathered often, at times even weekly, during the pandemic to make recommendations and do the work to keep our community safe. They continue to monitor the data and other factors in our community. As cases have been increasing in our area due to the delta variant, they have some updated recommendations for our gatherings and worship. As Dr. Nancy Carteron said about preventing the spread of the virus, “we already know how to do this. We’ve been doing it.” As far as we know, no one has contracted COVID from a gathering at Grace: let’s keep it that way!

COVID cases continue to increase in Napa County and the Bay area, as well as nationally. Grace is requesting that congregants mask at both our indoor and outdoor services and ANY gatherings on campus, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated. We are pausing “mask breaks” during outdoor service until the Delta variant “surge” recedes. We wear masks to protect the vulnerable among us, particularly young children (who are not yet eligible for vaccines) and those who are immunocompromised. In addition, singing poses an even greater opportunity for the spread of the Delta variant. It is important to be masked while singing and distanced from others (we sing joyfully at 10AM!) Thank you for joining in helping everyone feel safe, comfortable, and mitigate the spread of a more transmissible and infectious virus as we continue to gather in physical community.

As we continue in-person worship, Grace’s Regathering Task Force asks that you please observe the following to keep yourself and others safe and comfortable:

  • Do not enter if you have possibly been exposed to COVID 
  • Wear a mask – Sanitize hands upon entering 
  • “Self-distance”: Cluster with “Households”. Ask permission to join others
  • Refrain from handshakes and hugs 
  • Follow the ushers’ instructions to receive communion or retrieve pre-consecrated, packaged host from the back of the church
  • Use the stationary offering plate at the entrance/exit or make your offering online!

These measures may be necessary for a while longer.

With deep gratitude we thank you for helping create a safe space for all as we continue in-person worship,

Grace’s Regathering Task Force

Bob Cantrall, Dr. Nancy Carteron, Susan Calkin, Dr. Diane Hambrick LeBlanc, John Sales, and Rev’s Amy and Anne