Braulio Muñoz
I was born and raised in Mexico. I finished law school in 1997 and practiced law for a few years working for the federal government in Mexico City. By then I didn’t speak any English. I’m a first-generation immigrant and my entire family still lives in Saltillo, Mexico.

I moved to Michigan in 2002 and completed two master degrees. I had my first marriage there that lasted a few years and had my beloved first son, Marco Diego, now 18 years old.

In 2005, I moved to Berkeley and then to the City and worked at different law firms in San Francisco until 2011 that I found a job in Napa County.

In April 2011, I married Melissa Matheny at Grace church. Father Mac+ presided the ceremony. We lived in Saint Helena for a few years and became youth leaders at Grace church. We also assisted Norm Manzer with the famous Rummage Sale.

Our son Robert was born in April 2012 and Rafael was born in March 2017. They were both baptized at Grace church.

In 2012 I started working for the State Bar of California until the present.

In 2015, we moved to Novato and lived there for about six years. We continued to attended Grace church and also visited Saint Francis Episcopal church in Novato.

In April 2021, Melissa got a job as an English teacher at St. Helena High School so we then moved back to Saint Helena.

We now live at 2601 Colombard Court. Robert goes to St. Helena Elementary and Rafa goes to Suns & Stars.

I still work for the State Bar and work from home now.