Dear families and friends,

We wanted to offer a few reflections on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program at Grace Church, and how as fathers, we have seen the program benefit our children. The strong spiritual foundation that our kids have and are continually developing is tied in with church and the Catechesis program. Catechesis guides kids to ask questions about their faith and lets them explore and develop their relationship with God on their own. It’s crucial for kids to know who they are and to have a strong connection with God and their spiritual center. It builds resilience and helps them to deal with life’s challenges. Catechesis at Grace is a place where kids can learn how to make decisions and discover where God is in their life to help them navigate this world.

The Zuniga kids were in two other Christian formation (“Sunday School”) programs before coming to Grace. Out of all of them, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd has made the most difference in their lives because of the element of it being theirs. Their faith and spiritual growth is not something someone else is giving them or imposing upon them, but something they are attaining themselves with love and encouragement. A connection to God is something that is in them already and in the Catechesis program, they are being given the space to discover that connection on a deeper level.

Brothers Robert and Rafael Muñoz-Matheny have also enjoyed the program at Grace church. After every Sunday, they ask additional questions about spirituality and they also randomly sing spiritual songs throughout the week. What a gift that these two have a place in church each week.

We would encourage you to make a regular commitment to bring your kids to Catechesis this year. For those families who are involved in athletics, think of this as spiritual athletics! You make the effort to get your kids to practice and to games because you know that those skills and aptitudes develop over time in the right environment, and because you believe it is beneficial for them. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a solid way for kids to strengthen their walk with God. They learn how to be quiet, meditate, listen, and think about the spiritual side of themselves in a more profound manner in a welcoming environment.

See you there,
Vince Zuniga and Braulio Munoz